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Babak, Mazyar and Afshin


Dear Iranian friends

I have tried here to give a summery of the events and not get into details. The events surrounding these three man are very interesting. When it comes to Afshin, I dont know, but it gives me a mix feeling reading about him, it seems that we havent been told the whole truth about him. Nevertheless his acts (according to what we have today) do not put him in the same category as Babak and Mazyar. These three man entered the history together and left it together with the difference of few years. Babak Khorramdin was born in Khorram, a village near Ardebil. He started a movement in Azarbayijan with the name “Khorram dinian”, which their ideology was based on Mazdak and his thinking. His followers used to wear red shirt thats why they were called “soorkh jAmegAn” or “khoram diniyan”. In year 210 Arab, Babak started the uprising against Arab caliphs and during the next 20 years he defeated many great Arab commanders sent by Maemon and Moetasam the Abbassi caliphs. During Moetasam rule, caliph get tired of Babaks successes and sent Abu Said to rebuild the roads and fortresses to prevent Babak to get more power. That helped, because Babak’s tactic was to attack each Arab army before they get settle down. By building the roads and fortresses they had more protection this time and Babak in those first attacks lost a lot of soliders.

At this time Afshin was living in court of caliph as one of his army commanders. His plan was to take over the northern part of Iran (Azarbijan, Tabarestan, Gilan and Khorasan) and then get ride of Arab invaders. He wanted to accomplish this task with the help of Babak and Mazyar.

Mazyar was son of Gharen , son of Vandad Hourmoz . Mazyar came to power year 201 during caliph Maemon. His goal was to free Iran from Arab invaders and renovate the white faith(as to opposite to black faith, Islam. This is the terms used by scholars and historian). He had direct contact with Babak from the day he came to power. Mazyar have had build a wall from Gilan to Gorgan. On that wall were many passages (Band) in certain places that people could pass through.

So, Afshin was working from inside and Babak and Mazyar from outside, they also had some communication with Rome to put more pressure on Arabs. Afshin was in constant contact with Babak and Mazyar, it seems that the person who was taking care of his correspondence with the other two, was also reporting it to Moetasam. We dont know if Moetasam knew about their correspondence(at that time), nevertheless he sent Afshin with a large army to bring in Babak. According to Tabari, Afshin did not seem to be keen to arrest Babak and was just wasting time, from what I read about the details of Babak and Afshin’s battles, I have to agree, because they were going around each other a lot, Babak knew always about Afshin’s plan and so on.

Any way, Babak was invited by Sahl Sambat to his fortress and there he cheated Babak and arrested him and turn him over to Afshin. Babak’s brother was also taken in the same way in another fortress while he was trying to gather soliders. In the year 223 Afshin took Babak and his brother to Samaria(SAmereh) to Moetasam. MoetAsam ordered to cut his hands and feet one by one and then cut his head of and let his body to be hanged outside of the city for people to watch. They say, when they cut of Babak’s first hand, he put some blood with his other hand on his face. When they asked why he did that, he replayed:

I dont want people to mistake my pale face as a sign of cowardice.

At that time the ruler of Khorasan was a man by the name of Abdullah-Ibn-Taher, he was not happy with the treatment moslems were getting in Mazyar’s territory, on the other hand Afshin was planing to take Taher’s position as ruler of Khorasan, so Afshin wrote to Mazyar and encouraged him to stop paying the taxes. The deal was that Mazyar should send the taxes to Taher in Khorasan but he have had refused to do that for sometimes and sent the taxes directly to Samaria to Moetasam and Moetasam then sent them to Taher. Now, Mazyar stopped sending the taxes all together and with what had happened to Babak he prepared for war.

Moetasam wrote to Taher and told him to move with his army to Tabarestan and arrest Mazyar. Afshin also informed Mazyar of this event and hoped himself that if Mazyar could defeat Taher or at least discredit Taher, Moetasam would send him(Afshin) to Tabarestan with troops, money or maybe a new position as the ruler of Khorasan.

The end of Mazyar is full of betrayal and deception. Moetasam sent three different army from three different direction to surround Mazyar, one army sent to Shervin mountain, one to Damavands mountains and one to Roodbar and Rooyan and Taher’s army from Gorgan (look at the map).

Mazyar had also placed a part of his army under command of Sarkhastan in Tamishe(near Gorgan). Sarkhastan repaired the remaining wall (from Sassanid time) which went into the sea and added a long ditch to it. It happened that some soliders on one part of the wall opened the doors for the Taher’s soldiers and thats was the end of Sarkhestan and his army. The last betrayal came from Mazyar’s own brother (Kohyar) who convinced him that, he(Kohyar) can take him to Hassan one of the Taher’s commander and then he could help him to save his life. Kohyar was killed shortly after by Mazyar’s Daylami friends for this betrayal.

Mazyar was taken to Samaria and suffered the same death (year 225) as Babak did. Afshin was also arrested at the same time of Mazyar’s arrival for his secret connection with Babak and Mazyar and died in jail in year 226.

And then for the first time Arabs directly controled Tabarestan and Gilan.

Click on the image if you want to see a bigger map


گردآورنده:شاهین کاویانی

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More Crackdown on Blogs, on the Way?

To understand what happens in Iran, you have to be patient and follow the events diligently. This is an example,

1– On December 2006, the Islamic Republic announced a new mandate for Iranian blogs and websites to register in a state-run website and give out all their private information. The issue faced sever restraint from the Iranian blogosphere and was even ridiculed when the bloggers managed to prove that the design of the website was illegally copied from another source. Further investigation revealed that even the president has not registered his blog (he has not done it yet, as of the time of writing these lines).

2– On July 2007, couple of major Iranian blog services were seemingly hacked into. Two of the service providers move to .ir domains.

3- A few days ago, it was claimed that by moving into local hosts, which operate inside Iran, the security of the Iranian websites can be increased [Persian] .

Masoud Lavasani, an Iranian journalist, is afraid [Persian] the hack has been an inside job to cause a big immigration into local hosts. Asking “What has the big brother planned for the Iranian blogosphere?”, he discusses the idea that the administration is planning to impose more control over the blogosphere. This is all in time with rumors of a more extensive filtering to be carried out an

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Psychology, The Islamic Republic Version

A pro-veil ad by the Islamic Republic Police. The text down to the right reads, “According to the psychologists, people who use improper outfits or disgusting make-up are suffering from character disorders”


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Girl Shot by the IR Police

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Iranian Police vs. Iranian People



Struggle between the people and the Police during the crackdown on the veil.

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Bloggers support the jailed iranian student activists


August 5th 2007 is the 101-st anniversary of the Iranian constitutional revolution. BUT Iranian people still struggle for democracy and student activists are still sent to jails

Several student activists spend this year’s anniversary in jails. They include Mohammad Hashemi, Ali Nikoonesbati, Ali Vefghi, Bahareh Hedayat, Mehdi Arabshahi, Hanif Yazdani, Abodllah Momeni, Bahram Fayyazi, Habib Hajiheydari, Morteza Eslahchi, Mojtaba Bayat,, Arash Khandel, Ashkan Ghiasvand, Ahmad Ghassaban, Majid Tavakoli, Ehsan Mansouri, and Amir Yaghoub-ali

In support and memory of our fellow activists, who some of them are bloggres as well, a group of Iranian bloggres will change their blog title on August the 5th to “August the 5th: The day of support for jailed Iranian students”. We invite you, even as a non-Iranian blogger, to participate in this cause. You can join by sending us e-mail to or write the name of your weblog in the comment box below, so it will be added to the list of the supporting weblogs

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دستگيري و ضرب و شتم 270 جوان در يک کنسرت در کرج

چهارشنبه شب 10 مرداد در يورش وحشيانه اوباشان رژيم به يك باغ در اطراف كرج كه كنسرتي در آنجا برگزار ميشد، 270 دختر و پسر جوان دستگير شدند. تحقير، فحشهاي ركيك، تهديد به سنگسار و كتك زدن “مفسدين”، الهام گرفته از آيه هاي قرآن، ورد زبان اين اراذل واقعي بود و اجرا ميشد. بسياري از خانواده ها در بيم و هراس از اينكه چرا فرزندانشان بخانه بازنگشته اند آن شب را سپري كردند. برخي از خانواده ها كه از محل بازداشت بچه ها خبردار شده بودند شب تا صبح را پشت در فرماندهي انتظامي بسر بردند با اين اميد كه خبري دريافت كنند. صبح پنجشنبه همه بستگان در بلواري كه فرماندهي آنجا قرار داشت جمع شدند.

حتا به پدر و مادرها نيز نمي گفتند بچه هاي آنها كجا هستند و چي بسرشان آمده. مردم بسيار بيمناك و خشمگين بودند. چون ميدانستند از اين وحشي ها هر جنايتي و فسادي بر ميآيد. همه با هم مشورت ميكردند و به يكديگر كمك و دلداري ميدادند. ساعت 12 ظهر يك اتوبوس پر از دختران بازداشت شده از باغ فرماندهي انتظامي خارج شد. بسياري از دختران روسري بسر نداشتند و در حاليكه دستانشان را از پنجره اتوبوس بيرون آورده بودند از مردم كمك مي طلبيدند.آنها فرياد ميزدند و برخي اشك ميريختند. در اين لحظه يك مادر در مسير اتوبوس به زمين نشست و فرياد زد نميذارم بچه هامونو ببرين. مگر از روي جنازه من رد بشين. نيروهاي سركوب با باتوم به اين مادر شجاع حمله بردند و او را كشان كشان كنار زدند.

اين وحشيگري خون مردم را به جوش آورد. صداي اعتراض و فحش به رژيم و نيروهاي سركوبگرش در زير آسمان داغ مرداد طنيني بسيار خطرناك براي حكومت داشت. رهگذران زيادي توقف كرده بودند و راه بندان ايجاد شده بود. مردم با پاي پياده يا با اتومبيل به دنبال اتوبوس حامل فرزندان زنداني شان ميدويدند و فرياد ميزدند، گريه ميكردند و هو مي كشيدند.

نيروهاي ويژه سركوب با باتوم برقي بجان مردم افتادند. يك مادر در حاليكه از شدت خشم و اندوه بخود مي لرزيد فرياد ميزد: “اي كثافت ها چرا گورتان را گم نمي كنيد. نوبت من كه بشه قيمه قيمه تان ميكنم. من همه ي شما را خودم مي كشم. بچه ام را بمن پس بدين”. يك مادر ديگر با گريه فرياد ميزد: “اي جهان متمدن كجائيد كه ببينيد با ما چكار ميكنند. من به سازمان ملل شكايت ميكنم”. يك پدر با بغض شعار ميداد: “بچه ام را بدين. حكومت پادگاني نمي خواهيم”. يك مادر ديگر براي مردم ميگفت به دخترم گفتم به اين كنسرت نرو اين حكومت وحشي و عقده اي است و گير مي افتي اما گوش نكرد. مادر ديگري ميگفت چرا بچه هامون نبايد شادي كنند و به كنسرت برن. اگر اين حكومت جاني و آدمكش است تقصير بچه هاي ما چيه. نيروهاي كمكي ضد شورش با وانت سر رسيدند.

حاج آقاهاي درجه دار و بي درجه داخل بنزهاي ضد گلوله با محافظ بسرعت داخل مقرشان شده و خارج مي شدند. مردم ناسزا ميگفتند و با خشم و كين به اين رفت و آمد نگاه ميكردند. برخي با صداي بلند مي گفتند حاجي هاي بدون اونيفورم را بشناسيد اصل كاري ها اينا هستند. پاسدارها و حاجي هاي “خوب” وارد ميدان شدند و به مردم ميگفتند روز شنبه با سند به زندان رجائي شهر بيائيد بچه هاتون را تحويل بگيريد. در گوشه اي ديگر پاسدارهاي و حاجي هاي بد، باتوم بدست به مردم فحش ميدادند كه بچه هاتون فاسدند و اينجا حكومت اسلامي است. هنوز تعدادي از دستگير شدگان (همه ي پسرها و عده اي از دختران) داخل بازداشتگاه بودند. بعد از ساعتي چند دختر را آزاد كردند.

آنها در حاليكه بشدت اشك ميريختند و مي لرزيدند و قادر به سخن گفتند نبودند به آغوش خانواده شان برگشتند. كليه وسايل شخصي آنها را ضبط كرده بودند و به آنها گفته بودند يا بايد امضاء كنيد كه روابط نامشروع داشته ايد يا اينكه سنگسار مي شويد. (يعني در هر حالت سنگسار مي شويد). يكي از مادرها ميگفت دختر او كه حاضر به امضاء نشده شديدا كتك خورده است. در فاصله چند ساعت همه بازداشت شدگان را به زندان رجائي شهر كرج منتقل كردند و به خانواده ها گفتند شنبه بيائيد. خانواده ها بسرعت بطرف زندان راهي شدند.

در اين ميان يك واقعه ديگر هم رخ داد. اتوبوس قراضه و درب و داغاني از داخل مقر نيروهاي انتظامي خارج شد. مردم با اين خيال كه اتوبوس حامل فرزندان زنداني آنهاست بسرعت بطرف اتوبوس دويدند. اما اين اتوبوس پر از كارگران افغاني بود كه دستگير شده و روانه مرز بود. مردم وقتي اين صحنه را ديدند عقب آمدند و بهم گفتند افغاني ها هستند. در پس اتوبوس حامل كارگران افغاني عده اي زن و كودك پابرهنه و فقير بسرعت ميدويدند. گريه ميكردند. يكي بسرعت يك اسكناس هزار توماني را از پنجره بدست كسي داد. يكي يك بسته بيسكويت به ديگري داد. صحنه ي بسيار تكان دهنده اي بود.

ما مردم بايد بدانيم همان دستي كه فرزندان مان را مي دزد، شادي آنها را به غارت ميبرد، آنها را شلاق ميزند و شكنجه و تجاوز ميكند، همان دست هزاران زحمتكش افغاني را شبانه از بيغوله هايشان بيرون مي كشد، تحقير ميكند، از كشور اخراج ميكند و خانواده آنها را از هم مي پاشاند. ما تا زماني كه پشت به پشت هم ندهيم و در برابر هر اقدام ستمگرانه اين رژيم جاني كه عليه افغاني و ايراني، دختر و پسر، دانشجو و كارگر و معلم و غيره روا مي دارد مبارزه و اعتراض نكنيم، نمي توانيم از شر اين آدمكش ها خلاص بشويم. فقط با متحد شدن ميتوان آرزوي آن مادر و ميليونها انسان دیگر را برآورده ساخت.

گزارش ارسالی برای نشریه دانشجوئی بذر


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The Hangings Continue : Smiling to the face of the Death!!


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In Anticipation of Social Unrest

Baseej women members prepare in anticipation for social unrest and civil protests in the Islamic Republic of Iran.


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